Franchise Mergers and Acquisition Lawyers

Within the last decade, private investment firms, hedge funds, and corporations with excess cash have rushed in to perform franchise mergers and acquisitions with a view toward increasing profitability and then reselling the business to another buyer or going public. Frequently, these investors take over the franchises their original founders built. This can destroy the once warm and friendly family atmosphere.

The Danger of Franchise Mergers and Acquisitions

The strategies of most investment firms for the franchisors they acquire can be summed up in three words: “strip and flip.” That means that they will find ways to strip the “fat” out of the business in order to increase profits, then “flip” the business by selling it to a new buyer. And who pays? The franchisees.

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How Can Garner, Ginsburg & Johnsen, P.A. Help if Investors Take Over My Franchisor?

Look at what could have happened — but did not — because one of our attorneys intervened on behalf of his franchisee clients who were threatened with franchise acquisitions:

Our Franchise Acquisition Lawyer Success Stories

  • We stopped the acquisition of the Great American Cookies by Mrs. Fields and made Mrs. Fields come to the bargaining table to negotiate the rights of the Cookie Company franchisees.
  • When a Fortune 100 company tried to sell off its franchise system to an unqualified buyer, we intervened and obtained a settlement for the franchisees in the millions of dollars.
  • When the investment company that owned our clients’ franchisor tried to make franchisee businesses worthless by prohibiting them from selling, we went to both court and arbitration and won in both venues. Our clients are now free to sell as they wish.

You Are Not Alone in a Franchise Merger or Acquisition

The franchise takeover attorneys at Garner, Ginsburg & Johnsen, P.A., protect the rights of franchisees in Minneapolis and throughout the country and have recouped millions of dollars against some of the biggest adversaries in the industry. Learn more about the legal counsel an experienced lawyer can provide by scheduling a free consultation. The firm can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 612-259-4800.


I had the experience of working with Elliot on the purchase of a resale franchise business and was extremely satisfied with his work on, and support of, this endeavor.

Elliot performed a review of the franchise disclosure document and franchise agreement. This was completed timely and with a detailed report of his findings. He then spent sufficient time with me to go through his findings so that I had a clear understanding of the legal aspects of these documents. I found that he is well versed in franchise law and was quite willing to help me understand what I needed to make a well informed decision. This work was done as a flat rate fee and I believe I received exactly what I was expecting. Further, I felt it was time and money well spent.

Elliot also helped me navigate through the process to purchase the business by preparing the letter of intent followed by preparation of the asset purchase agreement. Again, I found that he was well versed in this area and that he kept my best interest in mind through the process.

-Tony Perez