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Franchisees: An Overview

The Business Franchise Guide (CCH) defines franchising generally as “a method of distributing products or services through the use of a marketing plan or system prescribed by the franchisor and associated with a trademark or trade name owned by the franchisor.” Among other things, a franchisor agrees to provide franchisees with training, assistance, expertise and the right to conduct business under a franchise in exchange for money.

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Understanding the Pros and Cons of Buying a Low-Cost Franchise

To many folks, opening a business and working for yourself is the epitome of the American Dream. Buying a franchise is a great way to accomplish that goal. And while purchasing a franchise may once have been a dream available to those who had already achieved a certain amount of financial success, these days there many good franchise opportunities with relatively low start-up costs.

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Do Your Homework Before Becoming a Restaurant Franchisee

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Wendy’s unveiled a new cost-cutting plan in an effort to save money as the chain reportedly faces record-high beef costs and “pressure from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.” USA Today, reporting on the same story, noted that even with the cost cutting measures being implemented, the future of Wendy’s looked to be “challenging.”

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